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«Syiynar em ana degen tanirgue...»


On March 6, at the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, an event was held under the title «Syiynar em ana degen tanirgue...», which was organized by students of the specialty «5В011600 - Geography».

Active students and professors of the institute took part in the festive evening. The director of the institute Kulyash Kaymuldinova spoke with congratulations. The evening was attended by talented students of the Institutes of History and law; Art, Culture and sports, presenting a festive mood with songs to those present at the event.

The atmosphere of the evening has become much more pleasant thanks to the performance of folk melodies on dombra and dances. During the event, different games were played, and talented students read poems for the female half of the audience.

At the end of the event, Nurlan Manapov, Deputy Director of the Institute for Educational Work, congratulating everyone on the wonderful spring holiday, expressed his gratitude to the active students and the Council of Self-Government of the university.







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