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«Kyz yerkem - kylyguymen korkem»


On March 1, 2019, at the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, an event was held under the name «Kyz yerkem - kylyguymen korkem», on the occasion of the opening of the club «Ukilim-аi». Active students and professors of the institute took part on the event.

The event was opened withcongratulation words of the director of the institute Kulyash Kaimuldinova, she shared interesting moments of her life and gave some advices for girls.

The main goal of the club is to create a feminine ideal with civil principles, responsible in family affairs, while being able to combine all this with knowledge, patriotic, intellectual, respecting folk traditions, customs and culture, as well ascreating an environment in which girls should be emotionally involved, share their thoughts, get the necessary advice.

During the event songs were sang, the dancers impressed the audience with their dances. At the end of the event, the Deputy Director for Educational Work Nurlan Manapov, thanked the organizers, the Council of Self-Government of Students and Members of the Club «Ukilim-аi» for the evening, and noted that the event was held at the highest level.










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