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Pedagogical practice for the 3rd year students of the specialty «Chemistry»

From January 14 to February 16, 2019, the 3rd year students of the specialty 5B011200- «Chemistry» underwent pedagogical practice under the guidance of the following methodologists: professor Zhenis Shokybaev, professor Bakir Mansurov, associate professor Zulfiya Unerbaeva, senior lecturer Nursulu Zhusupbekova.

Under the guidance of associate professor Zulfiya Unerbaeva,3rd year students underwent pedagogical practice at the «Nazarbayev Intellectual School»of chemistry and biology direction.

In order to form a new format teacher and improve the quality of graduates of higher educational institutions in the field of chemistry, training seminars and trainings were held on the topics: «Features of teaching chemistry according to the updated program and the criteria-based assessment system». The main goal of the training was to familiarize 3rd year students with the updated chemistry program and with the features of the criterion assessment system used in the implementation of this program.

During the practice, the students participated in a lecture, practical exercises. Students from grades 9-10 held events «Human debt is for all, for all of humanity», «Good man is in the neighborhood», «Actual moral manifestations». The main focus of these events is to educate students of patriotic feelings, the formation of moral and spiritual values.








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