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University professor appointed a nominal scholarship

Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan who devoted all his life to the development of science and education in our country, awarded the medal «Veteran of Labor», Honorary Head of the Department of «Chemistry!» of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography of KazNPU, Zhenis Akimzhanovich Shokybayev appointed a scholarship for the student.

The scholarship is awarded for 1 academic year and represents a monthly remuneration of 20,000 tenge. According to the professor, such a scholarship is an excellent motivation for students to acquire knowledge and at the same time, quite real material support.

In his wishes regarding the scholarship, Zhenis Akimzhanovich identified four main criteria: the student must study on a fee basis in the specialty Chemistry; have an adequate rating achievement (GPA) for the entire period of study; actively participate in the public life of the university; to be from a large family or from a family of average material wealth.

Today, Professor Shokybayev`s scholarship is Aksholpan Usipbek - the best 3rd year student in the specialty 5B011200 - Chemistry-English.

This happened in the Institute for the first time. Of course, this kind act, which is a remarkable example of the civic position of a representative of the older generation of the scientific community in relation to the young growth of future specialists, will find followers among the teaching staff of the university.


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