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Charity event «Ayaly Alakan»


On 24 November 2018, members of the student government council organized a trip to Orphanage No. 1, located in Orbita-3, where students took part in the action of «Nurshuak» Charitable Found. Volunteers-students of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography actively work in this fund.

The charity event was held in the dormitories number 1 and 2 of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography of the University. Teaching staff and students attended it. The collected funds, in agreement with the deputy director of the orphanage No. 1 on the educational part, Bakytgul Sagatbekkyzy, were spent on the needs of pupils to participate in international and republican competitions of children`s creativity. Thus, the students made their modest contribution to the work done by children with great love and diligence. The creations of the pupils of the orphanage are exhibited at various exhibitions.

The staff of the orphanage №1 thanked the organizers for the provided charity event.







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