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Intellectual game «League of chemists»

On November 23, 2018, in the framework of the project «Rukhani Zhanguyru», an interuniversity intellectual game «League of Chemists» was held at Al-Farabi KazNU; a team called «H2O + SiO2» of specialty 5B011200-Chemistry of Chemistry chair of Institute of Natural Science and Geography of Abai KazNPU took part in it and won 2nd place.

For students, this kind of project is an intellectual development; the ability to learn and the ability to work with large amounts of information in the face of time pressure; readiness for constant change; the ability to take risks, communicative, conflict competence, as well as new pleasant acquaintances, smiles of participants, their excitement and joy.

The most intelligent and erudite students from 4 universities of the country took part in the «Battle of Minds»: Al-Farabi KazNU (2 teams), S.D.Asfendiyarov KazNMU, K.I.Satpayev KazNTU (2 teams), Almaty Technological University (2 teams). Total 8 teams.

The game was held in 5 rounds: Greeting, «Who is faster?», «Rubik`s Cube», «Brain-ring», «Show». There were questions that require an answer in 1 minute, heated debate and unexpected decisions. As practice shows, in the game the main thing is not the mind and not the amount of knowledge, but the ability to quickly come up with a solution based on the available hints. Students played with excitement, answered questions and earned treasured points.

The main struggle unfolded among the three teams that won prizes. Winning teams were awarded with a cup, diplomas and memorable prizes. All participants were awarded certificates of participation in the «League of Chemists»inter-university intellectual game.

The game turned out really bright, exciting and useful! It was interesting to compete with other university students. This is a sea of emotions, the pleasure of game, as well as the opportunity to realize their potential, to take part in the extracurricular life of students.





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