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Event to initiate 1 course «The best dedication of KazNPU»

At the request of students of the 1st course, on October 18, 2018, in the karaoke cafe «SHELK», the dedication was organized by the Council of Students` Self-Government. During the event, the Deputy Director for Education of the Manapov Nurlan Tursynbekuly heartily congratulated all the students of the institute. Also, the chairman of the youth affairs committee, Dildabek Didarbek, and the chairwoman of the student self-government council, Bazarbekova Nursaya, conducted a rite of initiation into students among first-year students. This event was attended by advisors and mentors of all first course students. First-year students played different games, the talented among them sang songs, danced, everyone was in a good mood. The Council of the students` self-government organized a lottery, valuable gifts, including cash, were raffled off. The Limba and Introvert were the distinguished guests, they sang songs and lifted the mood of all those present. The event continued with a disco, the students thanked the organizers of the evening.







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