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Meeting with an academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Habdrakhman Dusembievich Dyussembin


Within the framework of the Decade of Science - 2018, the Chair of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Life Safety organized a meeting with the Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Director of the Institute of Human and Animal Physiology, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Habdrakhman Dusembievich Dyusembin on the topic «Actual Problems of Modern Physiology».

The lecture was attended by the director of the Institute of Natural sciences and Geography Kulyash Kaymuldinova, the head of the chair Shamshidin Balgimbekov, prof. Amantai Sagyndykov, head of the monitoring department of research projects and standard control Galiya Kirillova and teachers of the chair - candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Galiya Tatarinova, prof. Amantai Kunakbaev, associate professor Kumis Batyrova, art. teacher, Ph.D. Gulnara Tashenova, teachers of the chair, masters Assiya Kaynarbaeva, Aigerim Askarova, Zhazira Zharylkasynova, Marzhan Bashenova, as well as second-year students «5B011300-Biology», «5B060700-Biology» and undergraduates «6M060700-Biology».

Head of the chair Shamshidin Balgimbayov solemnly opened the event dedicated to the Decade of Science, telling about the life of Professor Habdrakhman Dyusembin: «... in 1948, Habdrakhman Dyussembin after graduating from the Biology and Soil Faculty of KazGU named after Kirov entered the graduate school. In the third year he participated in the scientific conference of the students of the faculty with the theme "Philosophical significance of the teachings of I.P. Pavlova». Later, Habdrakhman Dyusembin was elected chairman of the Academic Council of the faculty and a freelance lecturer at the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Kazakhstan. Habdrakhman Dyusembin has three main qualities, famus by the great Abay, namely: the ardent spirit, the bright mind, the warm heart».

Director of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography Kulyash Kaymuldinova said that Habdrakhman Dussembin is a very modest, humane, highly educated person and that his life is an excellent example for imitation of modern youth. She also thanked Habdrakhman Dusembievich for his contribution to the education and upbringing of students and expressed his warm wishes.

Habdrakhman Dyusembin delivered an act of lecture, during which he discussed the global problems of modern physiology and possible solutions to them. He also talked about such sections of physiology as cosmic physiology, chronophysiology and touched upon issues related to the causes of diseases caused by disorders of higher nervous activity.





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