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«The Decade of Science - 2018» continues


Within the framework of the «Decade of Science - 2018» of Abai KazNPU, a lecture on «Problems of conservation and rational use of biodiversity in the Republic of Kazakhstan» was held on April 6 at the Department of Botany and General Biology. The lecture was read by Gulnar Sitpaeva, general director of RSE «Institute of Botany and Phytoproducts», Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician of NANSRK Gulnar Sitpaeva.

In her lecture Gulnar Sitpayeva touched upon the acute problems of preserving the biodiversity of our country. On the territory of Kazakhstan hundreds of species of valuable wildly growing wild plants grow, therefore conservation and rational use of their biological diversity is of priority importance. At the same time, among the socially and economically important groups of useful plants, medicinal (1,400 species), fodder (1,028 species) and food (about 500 species) plants dominate the number of species.

To date, much work has been done to prepare the «Phase of the Law of Kazakhstan», but it remains unacceptable. It is necessary to accelerate the adoption of this law, without which all the vegetation of Kazakhstan located outside forest land, has no legal framework for the conservation and sustainable use.











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