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Jubilee of the department of geography and tourism


On 20 March 2018, the Department of Country Studies and Tourism of the Institute of Natural History and Geography celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The department of regional studies and tourism is the base in training personnel in the field of geography and tourism in all levels of education (bachelor`s, master`s, doctoral studies). The rich experience and qualitative approach to the training of specialists make it possible to talk about the department as a unique scientific school that occupies a leading position in providing training in the fields of education, science and services. An important condition for the training of highly qualified specialists is the active scientific activity carried out by the staff of the department. The work is conducted on a wide range of scientific programs, grants and initiatives. The research and scientific and methodological activity of the teaching staff has earned the deserved recognition of the scientific community at the national and international levels, and has found its practical application in various fields. The solemn event dedicated to the anniversary of the department was opened by the first pro-rector of the University, Professor Maktagali Bektemisov, who in his speech noted the merits of the department in the field of science and education, wished further successes in the work of the department. In the speech of the director of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, Professor Kulyash Kaimuldinova, attention was focused on the historical moments of the creation of the department, the foundation of which was laid by Academician Aliya Beisenova. The evaluation of the modern activity of the department was given.


Academicians Aliya Beysenova, professor Nasipkali Seitov, professor Azimkhan Seitzhanov, heads of chairs, professors Nurlan Ahmetov, Bakir Mansurov and Gulnaray Sabdaliyeva made a congratulatory speech. Associate Professor of the University Talgat Uvaliev briefed the audience on the history of the formation and development of the department. The head of the department, Professor Bahadurkhan Abdimanapov, summing up the achievements of the department, thanked everyone for the congratulations and wishes, expressed his gratitude to all the staff, students, graduate students and doctoral candidates of the department for their participation in the preparation of the department`s anniversary and the publication of the collection of scientific papers. The jubilee event ended with a gala concert, prepared by the student committee of the Institute.













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