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Sport-tourist activities of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography, dedicated to the anniversary of the University


In honor of the 90th anniversary of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, from April 28 to May 7, 2018, was held an international Ile-Balkhash regatta, organized by the environmental union Tabigat, the Federation of Sports Tourism and Touristic All-around of Almaty.


The students of the department of geography and tourism under the guidance of the director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography, Kulyash Kaimuldinova, the head of this department, Bahadur Abdimanapov, the faculty members, Andrei Abulgaziev and Asylbek Yerkebekov, participating in the rafting competition in the «Sprint» from the pump station of the Kapshagai reservoir to the Tamgaly Tas, and won the «Cup of Universities», played out among students of higher educational institutions. Judging in these competitions is not the first year holds, associate professor of the health-improving physical culture Yerlan Seisenbekov.

During the 3-day hike, students consolidated the practical skills of active tourism, in particular water tourism, mastered the practice of floating craft in extreme conditions and the experience of teamwork.


Preparatory activities made it possible to study the features of the water regime of the Ile river, the nature of its flow and the features of nature along the coastline and phenological observations. Along with this, the participants of the competitions had the opportunity to study the recreational potential of the coastline along the route of the floating facilities.


Upon arrival in the Tamgaly Tas gorge, the participants discussed such issues of the Ile-Balkhash basin ecology as lowering the water level, regulating the flow, mineralizing the delta soils, and problems of transboundary rivers.


The educational aspect of the event was to rally the team, developing skills to endure the difficulties of camp life, as well as social skills of communication, empathy, promote healthy lifestyles and active sports.


Tamgaly Tas gorge also hosted the Great Steppe marathon «TENGRI ULTRA», supported by the tourism department of the Almaty region, organized by the public association «Extreme Athletics», which took place on rocky and stony elevated places in the following nominations: «SPRINT-15km», «TRAIL -35km «and» ULTRA-70km «.


The teacher of the department of geography and tourism Asylbek Yerkebekov, participating in the race distance «TRAIL-35km», was awarded a commemorative medal.






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