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        29.08. 2017  in the institute was held the event:  "Our main law is the Constitution of the country" with  the 3rd year course students  of the specialty "5B011300-Biology", with the 2nd group and students of the 1st subgroup. Organizers: N.T. Manapov- Deputy Director for Educational Work of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, and R.U. Saimova  - Associate Professor, senior lecturer of the Department of Botany and General Biology; students of the 3rd year, the 2nd group, the 1st subgroup of the specialty 5B011300 - Biology.

    The event purpose: to increase the level of legal literacy of students. Formation and education of a sense of patriotism to the main law of our country and the formation in the personality qualities such as justice, perspicacity and honesty. 


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