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          On 25 April, 2017, in the auditorium No.224  of the Institute of Natural History and Geography, students of the 3rd year of the specialty "Chemistry" jointly with student self-government and under the supervision of the senior lecturer of the Department of Chemistry, candidate of chemical sciences Zhanar M. Zhaksybayeva organized an evening in the form of fairy tales "The Kingdom of Elements".
         The event was opened by the director of the institute Kulyash D. Kaymuldinova. Then, Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted "Aport" team of our university came on the scene, who gave a wonderful mood with their humor. Further students of the 3rd course of specialty chemistry were shown a presentation. In it were the King and the Queen, who had daughters and the youngest was Chlorita, for whom the King was looking for a companion. Cavaliers from the countries of Calcium and Hydrogen came who performed different tasks and chemical reactions, but no one could please the young beauty. In the end came the prince from the country of Sodium. He liked Chlorite and she chose him. The king gave them all his wealth and they lived happily ever after. The fairy tale "Kingdom of Elements" ended with optimistic note and at the end students sang song. Senior lecturer of the Department of Chemistry Zhanar M. Zhaksybayeva summed up the results of the evening.








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