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        In the period from 05.03.2017 to 20. 03.2017, 2nd year course PhD doctoral student Makpal T. Salbirova of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography of the Department of Geography of Kazakhstan and Ecology, specialty 6D011600 - Geography passed scientific internship on the basis of the Geography faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia, Moscow).
       During the scientific training from 06.03.2017 to 20.03.2017 attended lectures and seminars of the leading specialists of the Department of methods of teaching geography: doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor, E.A. Tomozhnaya, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor E.A. Belovolova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor A.A. Letyagin.
       Participated in scientific and methodological seminars at the Department of Methodology Teaching of Geography MPSU, Scientific Session of the MSU- 2017
        During consultations with a foreign scientific consultant, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor E.A. Tomozhnaya were identified the main methodological approaches to understanding the content of the process of forming elective courses. The analysis of the works of foreign scientists allowed us to identify the components of research competence.
       Аlso she worked independently with the funds of the MPSU library, in the teaching and methodical lecture room of the department of geography teaching methodology, and with the scientific foundations of Lenin Russian State Library.

       During the period of the scientific internship, was prepared article with the professor E.A. Tomozhnaya for publication in Russian editions.

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