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Career orientation activity of the department "Regional Geography and Tourism "

         On 6 April, 2017 lecturers of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography Department of " Regional geography and tourism": S.K. Alshynbekov, G.A. Abdikarimova , R.Y. Kaldybekova , undergraduate of 1st year course of the specialty 6M090200 - Tourism Zh.G. Menlibayeva. Career orientation activity event was conducted in the village Bakanas of Balkhash district of Almaty region to secondary school No. 1 "Bakanas" among graduates of the senior classes.
         During the meeting they talked about the university as a whole, about its material base, the staff of the university, about the types of specialties that are taught at the university. They distributed special information materials about the university. Undergraduate of the 1st year course of the specialty 6M090200-Tourism Zhansaya Menlibayeva talked about the achievements of students to advance their profession, about interesting aspects of student life, about the academic mobility program abroad. She also showed a presentation, where she was a participant as a member of the Project "Expedition-25". 






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