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On 21 February 2017, 2nd year courses students of specialty "Chemistry" of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography together with the Chair of Pedagogy organized a memorial evening "Mukagali -eternity life" dedicated to the 86th anniversary of outstanding poet Mukagali Makatayev.
Evening was opened by Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography Kuliyash Kaymuldinova . Organizers showed presentations from life and creative activity of the poet, the students sang songs based on poems of M.Makatayeva and read excerpts from his poems. Members, lovers of poetry, singing, playing on dombra and kobyz, recited own poems, danced Kazakh folk dances and performed theatrical set-costumed performances on the works of the poet. Poetic atmosphere of the evening was filled with patriotism and pride for the Kazakh masters of the word. Mukagali - one of the best sons of the Great Kazakh lands and Kazakh people. We are obliged to keep his heritage for the next generation, because creativity of Mukagali is reflection of the history of the Kazakh people.

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