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    Staff of the chair of anatomy, physiology, health and life safety of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography KazNPU n.a. Abai on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the eve of Day of Languages took an active part in the round table "Language value of the nation".
    On 21 September, 2016, a round table, organized by the staff of the chair, during which the veteran of University, the first when reading a course of lectures on human and animal physiology use scientific Kazakh language, the author of textbooks, Professor I.M. Tolenbek presented the report on the topic "Problems of use of the Kazakh language in Science", which ended with a lively discussion.
    Dialogue meeting with the participation of students and invited members of the Directorate, as well as education of the university management was held at a high level.
    Isatai Myrzakhmetuly in his report with great pleasure and pride told that his life and scientific-pedagogical creativity associated with only one university. Speakers with the response, the number of students and visiting students and faculty of the Institute expressed great gratitude to the professor, a veteran of the information provided and its contribution regarding the Kazakh language and its use for research purposes.
    Head of the chair of anatomy, physiology, zoology and life safety, Professor Balgimbekov Shamshidin reported on the proposals aimed at an accurate understanding of the translation of modern biological, physiological terms, translatable into the Kazakh language. In a round table attended by professors A.S.Kunakbaev, A.M.Babashev, associate professor G.Sh.Tatarinova, senior teachers Tashenova G.K., Shynybekova Sh.S., Nurkenov T.T., Otarova N.I.
    On behalf of the administration of the Institute deputy director for educational work N.T.Manapov, summing up the present opinion, he expressed his deep gratitude to the staff of the department of anatomy, physiology, zoology and life safety, as well as Professor I.M.Tolenbek.


Chair of anatomy, physiology, health and life safety



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