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February 25, 2016  took place open seminar on  "Age physiology and school hygiene"  on the topic "Prevention of visual impairment and hearing loss in school." The seminar was held on the technologies developed in the course of the study "Addictional Vocational Education Programs for students of final university students engaged in teacher training, developed on the basis of level training programs for teaching staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan."
One of the forms of lesson  was work in small groups. During the work in such groups the students methods of critical thinking through dialogue learning (research dialogue) identified the main types of violation of the visual and auditory sensory systems and gave them a detailed response. Working in groups allows you to update your knowledge on the topic, alone relate the information to implement in the process of cognitive activity communication skills. Dialogical, communicative atmosphere at the seminar helps to develop emotional and intellectual qualities of the person. As a result of this approach, the degree of assimilation and understanding of the material by students was more successful than students have received information in the form of text or finished school teacher monologue. This form of dialogue, research has provided students the opportunity of operating resources and their critical thinking, free exchange of ideas, which ultimately gives the desired result - an understanding, moreover, the use and analysis of the information received.
Further disclosure of the theme sessions took place through dialogue with "Fishbone" strategy. The essence of this methodological technique - determination of cause-effect relationships between the object of analysis and influencing factors on it, the commission informed choice. Additionally, the method allows to develop skills to work with information and the ability to formulate and solve problems. Students in the course of the discussion of problematic issues are very interesting approaches and ideas to address and solve problems, "Violation of the visual system" and "Violation of the auditory system." The result of a very fruitful exchange of information, ideas, questions, became the final "product" - the development of preventive measures to avoid violations of the sensory systems.
Students`s evaluation system is an effective tool not only for measuring student achievement, but, ultimately, should work on improving the quality of education. The most relevant requirements of the modern society mechanism that takes into account the individual abilities of the students and their age peculiarities, is a formative assessment - assessment for learning.
One of the key concepts of critical thinking techniques is the concept of pedagogical reflection. The analysis carried out by reflection from students (feedback), has shown that this form of seminars aroused in students a positive emotional attitude, a better understanding of the issues, both theoretical and applied plan.

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