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Student of Abai KazNPU won the competition «Til parasat»

A 1st year student of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, specialty 6В01705- Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction, Bolovneva Angelika was awarded the Grand Prix at the regional competition «Tіl parasat». In addition to the diploma, she was also awarded a cash prize of one hundred thousand tenge.

The event, held on October 2, 2019 in Taldykorgan, was organized by the akimat of the Almaty region, the Office for the Development of Languages of the Almaty region in the Palace of Languages, with the aim of increasing the importance and status of language, encouraging representatives of the ethnic group.

We express our gratitude to Associate Professor of the Kazakh Language and Literature Department named after Academician S. Kirabayev Osmanova Zeynep Jalalovna for the preparation of our students for this contest.





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