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Teaching staff of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Еducationwas awarded letters of thanks


In accordance with the decision No.7 from June 4, 2019 of the Council of the Institute of Philology and MultilingualЕducation of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, for the contribution to the development of public work and Institute in 2018/2019 academic year the following teaching staff was awarded letters of thanks:

- Kalbike Yessenova Omirbaykyzy- Head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature named after A.Kirabayev, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor;

- Abisheva Saule Dzhunusovna - Head of the Department of Russian Language and Literaturer, Doctor of Philology, Professor;

- Abuov ZhumagaliAbuovich - Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor

- Mirzoyev Knyaz Ibrahimovic- Head of the Department of Oriental Philology and Translation, Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor;

- Aidarkhanova AlinaArmankyzy - Lecturer,Master;

- TulegenovaMalika Baltabaevna - Senior lecture;

- Sebdairova Aigerim Maratovna - Senior lecturer,Master;

- Dosmanova Gulsara Isabekovna - Senior lecture;

- Baltabayeva Zhanalyk Kylyshkyzy - Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences;

- Kenzhebayeva Guldariga Merekebayevna - senior lecturer, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

- Kassenov YerlanSlambekovich - Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Philological Sciences;

- Naimanbayev Almas Abdimanapovich - Senior Lecturer, Master.







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