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Final conference on the pedagogical practice of 4th year students


On April 2, 2019, a conference was held at which the results of the pedagogical practice of 4th year students of the specialties «Russian language and literature» and «Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction were summed up.

The conference was attended Methodist associate professor. Elena Lomova, associate professor Madina Abaeva, head of the pedagogical practice of the Russian language and literature department, professor Gulmira Kazhigalieva, head of the department professor Saule Abisheva, students-interns.
Summing up the results of the pedagogical practice, Professor Gulmira Kazhigaliyeva noted that during the practice all the students showed themselves from the best side, which made it possible to successfully cope with the tasks set before them.

Students shared their experience in organizing lessons and extracurricular activities. The speeches also indicated the difficulties they faced. For example, a difficult moment in their work was the assessment of the work of students and organization in the classroom. As positive moments, they emphasized the benevolent attitude of teachers towards the trainees, their readiness to come to the rescue, to give advice. According to the students, the support of the methodologists, the leaders of the practice was extremely important. At the final conference, there was also a business conversation about the problems that had to be solved in the course of teaching practice.

In conclusion, the head of the department of Russian language and literature, Professor Saule Abisheva spoke. She congratulated the children on the completion of their graduate pedagogical practice and noted that pedagogical practice is an effective indicator of the real readiness of a graduate student of a pedagogical university to work as a teacher; it is the practice that reveals its potential as a future specialist.







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