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Our great experience


Less than a year ago, our university announced the start of a competition for a trip to a foreign university for a semester study by the program of academic mobility. The competition was intrigued and excited, because I so want to learn new things, meet with new people and replenishes my knowledge, get new experience. The selection was strict; it was scary to fail the competition. But to my great joy, I was on the list of the lucky ones.

Began collecting and searching for information about the Republic of Poland. The summer passed in agonizing anticipation. And here is the end of September, and we set off.

On the first day in the Pomeranian Academy, we were warmly met by the Vice-Rector of the Academy, Mrs. Danuta Gerchinska, with whom I was already familiar: Professor Gerchinska came to the conference in Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in May 2018. The Vice-Rector introduced us to our coordinator, Mrs. Mariola, who provided us with all the information about the academy, about the classes and sent everyone to necessary department. We are very grateful for her attention and help.

At the Institute of Neophilology, we met with professors and students. Another pleasant acquaintance is with the Cooker, who works in the dining room, where we had dinner.

Since I study in the specialty 6M012200, that is, I am preparing to become a teacher of the Russian language in schools with a non-Russian language of education, this trip helped me to plunge into the atmosphere of not only theory, but practice in my profession. Special support was rendered to us by the director of the Institute of Neophilology, Mrs. Professor G. Lisovskaya, Head of the Department of Russian Literary Studies, Professor Galina L. Nefagina, Professor Mrs. Katarzhina Multsan, Professor Pan Tadeusz Osuh. Lectures and seminars were interesting. It was useful for us to get acquainted with a new training system.

Students are very open, smiling, cool and interesting guys. We communicated with them and helped each other - we speak to them in Russian, and they to us in Polish language. Our friend Mazhenta invited us for Christmas, which is celebrated in close family circles, which was so nice.

We took advantage of the holidays and see other Polish cities. The history of the country and the beautiful sights left an indelible impression.

I grateful to our university and the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk for such a wonderful opportunity - to hold an academic semester in a foreign university, to gain new knowledge and impressions.






Undergraduate of 2 course, specialty 6M012200
Madina Moldagali


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