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Master-class on the topic: «Active teaching methods at the lessons of the Russian language and iterature» and open integrated lessons on Russian language and literature in Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical-Biological Direction of Almaty


On 16 February, 2018 in in the Intellectual school of the chemical-biological direction of Almaty, open integrated lessons on Russian language and literature in 10 classes on topics: «The theme of the Motherland and love in the poems of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Fariza Ongarsynova», «The meaning of life (based on Ernest Hemingway`s story» The Old Man and the Sea») were conducted.

Integrated lessons are one of the innovations of modern methodology, which have their advantages: they develop the potential of the students themselves; encourage active knowledge of the surrounding reality; develop the logic, thinking, communicative abilities of students; the world surrounding children is known by them in diversity and oneness; integration provides an opportunity for self-realization, self-expression.

Then, they conducted a master class on the topic «Active methods of teaching in the Russian language and literature classes», for teachers of Almaty. The aim of the master class is to show the application of active forms and methods of instruction in the lessons of the Russian language and literature. It turned out that NIS teachers successfully use the methodology of project activities, active teaching methods and problem-based learning. And an excursion around the school was organized for the guests.

Professors of our chair prof. Bakytgul Zhumagulova, PhD Doctor Aida Nurbaeva, master Gulmira Amangeldiyeva took part.





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