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Final Conference on Pedagogical Practice


On February 16, 2018, the final conference on pedagogical practice of students of the third year of specialties «5В018800 - Russian Language and Literature» and «5В012200 - Russian Language and Literature in Schools with Non-Russian Language of Education» was held. Its purpose is to analyze and summarize the results of pedagogical practice, to note the successes and difficulties in its preparation and conduct.

The students were welcomed by the head of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, Professor S.D. Abisheva, teachers of pedagogy Sh.T. Kozhakeeva, A.K. Kazkenkova, M.M.Aimagambetova, M.K. Abaeva, E.A. Lomova, as well as teachers of the department.

In his opening speech, the head of the chair, prof. S.D. Abisheva noted that pedagogical practice is the main and very important part of the educational process at the Pedagogical University. Young teachers were given the opportunity to realize professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills in a new field - in training.

The students presented reports on practice in the form of presentations, which reflected the main directions of their pedagogical work.

The trainees talked about the difficulties they experienced while preparing and conducting classes, the most memorable moments of the lessons of the Russian language and literature, about what they learned during the period of pedagogical practice. The presentation also included feedback and statements from teachers and students about student interns. Teachers noted good theoretical preparation of students, knowledge of the texts of the studied works, as well as methods of teaching the Russian language and literature.

Methodists noted that during pedagogical practice, students showed that they can apply the knowledge they received at the university to school lessons.

We wish future teachers a new professional success!




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