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Completion of semester study in Poland


A group of students of the 2nd year of specialties «Russian language and literature» and «Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction» completes its academic semester in the academic mobility program. Here`s what our sophomores write:

«Summing up the results of our trip for semester training to the Pomor Academy of the Polish city of Slupsk, I would like to thank our university for the opportunity to receive education for four months at a foreign university. We have learned a lot here. Teachers conduct lectures at a high level. Classes have always been very interesting and exciting.

If we talk about the everyday side of student life, then there are all the conditions for comfortable living of students in the hostel. The university campus has everything you need to prepare for classes and for recreation.

At the Institute of Neofilology of the Pomor Academy we organized a presentation of our country. Students of the Institute of Philology and multilingual Education of Abai KazNPU told their Polish friends about the sights of Kazakhstan, about the customs and traditions of our people. Our classmates and teachers were very interested in our country. They asked about Kazakhstan and were interested in the cost of tickets.

Our trip to Slupsk brought us new knowledge necessary in our future profession, as well as unforgettable impressions and emotions that will remain in our memory for life.

On behalf of the group of academic mobility - Anna Balkhanova».





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