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Interuniversity round table «Use of modern pedagogical technologies to improve the quality of language education»

On 19 March 2018, an inter-university round table was held on the topic «Using modern pedagogical technologies to improve the quality of language education».

The round table was attended by teachers of the International University of Information Technologies, Almaty Technological University, Kazakh National Agrarian University, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University. The main topic of discussion was the exchange of experience with the aim of improving the quality of language education in the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participants of the round table discussed a number of issues related to the teaching of the Russian language in the national audience. It was understood that the use of new pedagogical technologies will strengthen the students` motivation for learning, will shift the emphasis to self-gaining knowledge and managing their own development.

The associate professor of the International University of Information Technologies Dinara Aliyeva presented the new technology Omega-mapping in the report «Interactive teaching of the Russian language as a means of developing the professional-cognitive activity of students of a non-language high school». Using this technology helps to find holistic solutions for problematic learning situations.

MUIT Assistant Assistant Rufat Bavdinov in the report «Cinema as a tool for teaching in the Russian language classes in a non-linguistic high school» noted the great role of viewing feature films for broadening the horizons of students. Such tasks as drawing up a passport for a screened film, preparing a presentation, describing the key moments of the film, comparing two biographical films, etc., contribute to bringing students to art through the language.

Professor of the Chair of practical languages of Abai KazNPU Bakytgul Zhumagulova in the report «Application of the Cluster Reception for Systematization and Synthesis of Training Material» noted that this method is universal and can be used at different stages of the session.

Professor of the Chair of State and Foreign Languages of the Almaty Technological University Makhinur Nizamova in her report «Improving the quality of language training for students of technical universities through interactive teaching methods» focused on gaming technologies that increase students` interest in the Russian language.

Almagul Nurkasimova, senior lecturer of the Kazakh and Russian languages chair of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, presented the algorithm of work with students in the report «Perfection of various types of speech activity», which covers reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Natalia Savchits, associate professor of the Kazakh and Russian languages chair of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, and master`s degree teacher Sholpan Ismailova in the report «Modern methods of organizing the work of the SSS» examined the basic forms of self-education of students and showed that the use of the programs «Mooviemarker» and «EclipseCrossword» at different stages The SSS can be very productive.

Professor of the Department of practical languages Abai KazNPU Akzhan Chinguisova in the report «Communicatively integrative technology of teaching the Russian language to students of philological specialties» described the strategy, content, principles, basic techniques of this technology.

During the work of the round table, a lively exchange of views took place, questions were asked to the speakers, and wishes for further cooperation were expressed.

Head of the Chair of Practical Languages, Professor Rosalinda Shakhanova, summing up the results of the round table, noted that holding the interuniversity round table is an excellent opportunity to get new information and exchange experience on topical issues of the educational process. Dialogue of specialists, which has become a traditional form of sharing pedagogical experience in the chair of practical languages, is extremely useful and productive.









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