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Final conference on pedagogical practice of 4th year students

On 5 April, 2018, the final conference on pedagogical practice of students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education was held on the schedule approved by the administration.

Director of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education Baltabai Abdigaziuly and the responsible people for teaching practice and holding a conference, attended the conference.

The Department of Russian Language and Literature was represented by professor Saule Abisheva, methodologists Shyryn Kozhakeeva, Larisa Eglit, Malika Aimagambetova, Madina Abaeva, Elena Lomova, as well as teachers and students.

The head of pedagogics, Professor Shyrin Kozhakeeva, presented information on students who had been practicing under orders in gymnasiums No. 12, No. 35, school-lyceum No. 33 and students working in schools in Almaty.

The students presented reports on the practice in the form of presentations, in which they reflected the main directions of their pedagogical activity. During this work, students showed their erudition, non-ordinary thinking, creative abilities, ability to use modern information technologies and audio-visual teaching aids.

So, the film «One day from the life of student-trainee», presented by the trainees of Gymnasium No. 12, aroused a keen interest among the audience. Other students talked about updated programs, the use of Russian language and literature lessons in interactive lessons, techniques of developing critical thinking. All this was accompanied by the display of fragments of lessons and demonstration of visual aids, portraits of writers, charts and tables. The presentation also included reviews and statements by teachers and students about student interns.

Professor Saule Abisheva noted in her closing speech that the main result of pedagogical practice should be the students` firm conviction in the correctness of the once made choice - to become a teacher, to devote themselves to the most humane profession on earth - the education of a person. The head of the department presented the students with letters of gratitude to Daria Lukina and Gaukhar Urazaliyeva.







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