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Scientific forum of linguists


On 6 April 2018 at Al-Farabi KazNU the scientific and practical conference «The Science of Language and the Language of Science» was held, dedicated to the scientific and pedagogical activities of the vice-president of IATRLL, the president of KazTRLL, the leading sociolinguist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Eleonora Dyusenovna Suleimenova.

This event is the third in the series of seminars of the Framework Symposium «EPOCHA AND PERSONALITY», which was launched in September 2017 under the auspices of the Scientific and Expert Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan on the basis of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This forum discussed global problems: languages and cultures in the era of the new paradigm of humanities education and philological sciences in the technogenic era.

The scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the neighbor (Russia: MSU and PFUR) and distant (Turkey: Anatolian University) abroad took an active part in the work of the conference.

Members of the Russian Language and Literature Department of Abai KazNPU: Professor Manat Musataeva with the plenary report «On the contextual approach in image-forming discourse», senior lecturer Malika Aimagambetova with the report «Transformed proverbs and sayings in headings Kazakhstani newspapers» and second-year doctoral student Aizhan Nusupbekova with the report «Continuity of traditions in linguodidactics».

The conference was held on a high scientific level, very interesting and fruitful.




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