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Information on the awarding of letters of gratitude for the educational work of the Department of Practical Languages` teachers


Teacher is a Great name! To be a teacher presupposes a great responsibility in the education of worthy citizens of the country since the future of the people, nation, generation depends on his upbringing. An exemplary teacher will certainly bring up good students. Certainly, the teacher`s profession is not so easy. Undoubtedly each of us remembers our teachers, expressiveness of their speech, melodic voice, wise words, care. The ability to find a way to a child`s heart, to reveal it, tactfully to show his mistakes, believe in him, his abilities and opportunities - this is real workmanship.


In the 2017-2018th academic year teachers of the Practical Languages Department Saule Nurgali, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associated professor, Zaure Umirzakova, candidate of philological sciences, associated professor, Zeynep Osmanova, candidate of philological sciences, senior teacher, Saule Sholtay, magister, teacher were awarded with letters of gratitude by the director and deputy director for the educational work of the Institute of Philology and multilanguage education for the worthy education of the younger generation instilling in students such good qualities as kindness, humanity in the Council of the Institute on June 1, 2018.


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