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The meeting with the writer

Modern Kazakh writers and poets are frequent visitors of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai. Students of the Institute of Philology and multilingual education participated in the creative meetings with Bakhyt Kairbekov, Umit Tazhikenova, Lilya Kalaus.

Famous Kazakhstani writer Ilya Odegov was the guest of our meeting by invitation of the 2nd year group of the master degree. 


Lovers of modern literature are familiar with this name. Ilya Odegov is the author of books, which were published in Kazakhstan and Moscow publishing houses, stories, which were published in Russian magazines as "Новый мир" and "Дружба народов", he is the winner of the prestigious literary awards and diplomat of the international literary competitions.

Students, undergraduates and teachers of the Russian language and literature Department had a lot of questions to the guest. Because I. Odegov isn`t only a writer, but also a translator, musician and teacher of a literary skill. Ilya Andreyevich answered the questions sincerely, interesting and humorous, having conquered the audience with his charm as talented and friendly person.

Young linguists, some of them, who are aspiring writers and young researchers of contemporary Kazakhstan literature, received from this meeting the unobtrusive moral lesson and creative impetus for their own work.




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