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The future of philological science

On 18 November, 2017 at the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education held meeting of 72 scientific conferences of students and undergraduates.
Master of 1st year course of  the specialty "Literary Studies" Anastasia Belousova made a report in the plenary session of the conference. 

Within the framework of the conference there were five sections: linguistics, literary study (bachelor`s); section "Actual problems of linguistics" and "Actual problems of literary study" (magistracy). The work of the traditional sections for the department was joined this year a new section, the "Small Academy of Schoolchildren", where senior pupils  of the  School of Chemistry and Biology NIS in Almaty and other schools of the city.
The reports of the young researchers aroused sincere interest of the audience, because their topics revealed the most important aspects of modern philology and methods of teaching philological disciplines. Speakers demonstrated the ability to independently analyze works of art, to study the linguistic phenomena of modern language. And the reports of schoolchildren differed not only in the enthusiasm of their authors with interesting topics, but also in the ability to freely express their views and participate in a scientific discussion.
The conference ended on a warm and sincere note, when the Head of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, Professor Saule Abisheva congratulated the speakers. She presented memorable gifts to all participants of the conference, and presents and letters of thanks for the young participants of the "Small Academy of Schoolchildren".








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