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Meeting with poetry

  On 8 November,  2017 at Abai KazNPU with the participation of the Council for Russian Literature of the Writers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan  took place a presentation of  book of the famous Kazakhstan poet and literary critic Tamara MADZIGON (1940-1982) "The outline of life. Poems. Translations. Articles and research" / Compilers S. Shubin, V. Savelyeva. - Almaty: Zhazushy, 2017.
The meeting was opened by the Head  the Russian Language and Literature department, Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor Saule Dzhunusovna Abisheva. She presented presenters of the book - Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Literature Vera V. Savelev and Sergei I. Shubin, thanks to them works  today`s literary event took place.
Famous Kazakh writers Adolf Artsishevsky, Aslan Zhaksylykov, Bakhyt Kairbekov, Valery Mikhailov, Umit Tazhikenova, Tatyana Frolovskaya, Nadezhda Chernova and others took part in the roundtable discussion.
The creativity of the poet Tamara Matsigon was also spoken by scholars and literary critics - Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Galina Muchnik and Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Ulbolsyn K. Abisheva.
The 2nd year course students prepared a presentation about the creative destiny of the poet, scientist and teacher. There were fragments from the responses to Tamara Madzigon`s works of the greatest contemporary poets David Samoilov, Alexander Kushner, Yuri Dombrovsky. The widow of the remarkable writer Yu. Dombrovsky, Clara Turumova-Dombrovskaya, participated in this meeting in absentia: she sent her memoirs about student friendship with Tamara Mikhailovna. Another response to the book was received from the poetess, adviser to the Chairman of the Moscow City Organization of the Writers Union of Russia, Nina Popova.
The sincere intonation of the conversation about the generous man and the great poet infected the young participants of this evening. Among them - students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, as well as "students of our students" - students of the Innovation Technical College, who also read poetry of Tamara Madzigon with enthusiasm.






Presentation about the creativ destination of Tamara Madzigon

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