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In Memory of the Teacher


          On 4 October, 2017, at the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place  the presentation of the "Tamyr" journal (No. 45), which was created by Auezkhan Kodar.

         Auezkhana Kodara calls his teacher is not one generation of literary researchers, literary critics of Kazakhstan. The poet, philosopher, translator, public figure, intellectual Kodar had his own view of the world, everything that happened in the country and spoke about it with a high poetic word.

         On Teacher`s Day students and teachers of the specialty "Russian language and literature" Abai KazNPU were  among of famous writers of Kazakhstan, lovers of poetry, recalling the recently departed poet.

         "Tamyr" is a philosophical, culturological, literary, artistic and art history publication, in which not only Kazakhstan but also foreign authors publish their works. The journal purpose is to introduce representatives of other cultures to the spiritual values ​​of Kazakhs.

       At the presentation were poets from Ukraine, whose poems are presented in this issue of the journal. Kazakhstan poets also read their poems.

         "The thought dignity  is expensive to us, The way to the abyss of knowledge is steep" - these words of Kodar can be called the key in all discussions, meetings in the Intellectual Club of Auezkhan Kodar, which regularly gathers lovers of poetry. It is gratifying to note the participation in the club`s activities of young people, including students and undergraduates of the specialty "Russian Language and Literature"  of Abai  KazNPU.





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