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Graduates Holiday

         On May 19, 2017, after the finishing of the state examinations and the diploma works defence, the students of the 4th year of specialties "5B011800 - Russian Language and Literature" and "5B012200 - Russian Language and Literature in Schools with Non-Russian Language of Learning" decided to organize concert for teachers.
            At this meeting, many kind words were said: gratitude to their teachers was expressed by students, and their mentors wished their young colleagues a happy life and professional path.
          Cheerful, lyrical dances, performance of works on folk musical instruments, sensual monologues - every concert number of the concert evoked the audience`s delight.
         Let`s hope that after the separation new meetings will follow: someone will enter the magistracy; others will establish contacts the department with their schools; others will seek advice and guidance.

Department Doors are always open to students!




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