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Scientific internship of doctoral students

         In the period from 17 to 30 April , 2017 Irina Kotlyarova, 2-year course doctoral student of Abai KazNPU (specialty 6D021300 - "Linguistics") passed a scientific internship at the Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communications of Kemerovo State University (Russia, Kemerovo) in within the framework of XII (ХLIV) International scientific conference of young scientists "Education, science, innovations: the contribution of young researchers", in the volume of 72 hours.
        Participating in the conference, on 27.04.17, she made a presentation on the topic "Poly aspectualization of the object of modern linguistics" at the section "Relevant issues of modern linguistics" (section of post-graduate students and doctoral students).
         During the internship, the doctoral student attended the consultations of Doctor of Philological Sciences, prof. N.D. Golev, who gave valuable recommendations, which are relevant to work on the dissertation.

Certificate of Internship
Program of the International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists 2017

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