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Our students - volunteers at the EXPO-2017

Two 1st year course students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education of the specialties of the Department of Russian Language and Literature Yenlik Nurzhakyp and Madina Turarbekova will go to Astana at the EXPO 2017 as volunteers.
It will be interesting and responsible work. More than 4000 volunteers will work at the exhibition.
Volunteers managing human flows in the territory of the exhibition will ensure the awareness of visitors about the location of facilities and infrastructure elements of the Exhibition, others will be responsible for visitor ticketeting; Assistance in the loss of personal belongings and cooperate with the Lost and Found Bureau; Rendering assistance to the personnel of the first-aid posts; Support of sponsors and partners of the exhibition. Transport-Volunteers will regulate the flow of vehicles in the parking lots of the complex, ensure timely delivery of vehicles and the direction of visitors and exhibitors to bus stops. The Protocol-Volunteers will assist in the process of receiving and accompanying members of official delegations. Press-Volunteer formation will be aimed at assisting the work of the press center and accreditation of journalists.
We wish Enlik Nurzhakyp and Madina Turarbekova a successful trip!


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