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      Career  Guidance is the process of identifying a person`s propensities to a certain kind of professional activity. Lack of awareness about the activities of some professions leads to a random choice, which is fraught with disappointment and frequent changes  of  the workplace.

       On behalf of the rector of  Abai KazNPU professor Seryk Praliyev working group consisting of the senior  lecturer of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Bauyrzhan Zhangushov, associate  professor of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual  Education Yersain Moldasanova and press photographer of the university Serik Imankulov headed by the senior  lecturer Yerlan  Birtalayev, from 17 to 22 April 2017, despite a 1000 km distance, went to the  South-Kazakhstan region for career guidance activities.

            Career  Guidance Forum  was held in the was held in the following places:



17.04.2017 Ordabasy district, Temirlan village at 14:00
18 April , 2017, Arys district, Arys City at 14:00,


19.04.2017. Saryagash district, Saryagash City at 14:00
20.04.2017, Kazygurt district,  Kazygurt village at 14:00,


21.04.2017, Sayram district ,  Aksu  villageat 14:00.
22.04.2017 ,Tulkibas district, T. Ryskulov village at 14: 00,


        Meeting was organized with more than 3,400 school graduates and their parents. Residents of the South Kazakhstan Region warmly welcomed our group and actively helped in organizing meetings.
      Today, significant changes are taking place in the sphere of education. And an urgent problem is to help young generation in choosing a profession and creating conditions for the development of a professional in their field. The requirements for intellectual and creative individuality are growing every time. Therefore, it is important for the younger generation to choose the right specialty.
        On behalf of the rector KazNPU them. Abay, academician S.Zh. Praliyev, 2015, under the guidance of the director of the Center for the Reception of Students and the Control of Training of Specialists, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Borasin Zh. Imanberdiyev was created the " Career Guidance forum", which by that time had already yielded results.
News in the Unified National Testing (UNT) / Complex Test system of 2017:
1 block- 3 required items:
• Mathematical literacy (20 assignments, one correct answer);
• Literacy reading (20 tasks, one correct answer);
• History of Kazakhstan (20 assignments, one correct answer);
2 block of subjects of choice
In each subject there are 30 tasks (20 tasks, one correct answer, 10 tasks with several correct answers);
Highest Score: 140
Threshold level: 50/55 points
         The group also talked about the history of our university and the technical and material base that prepares competitive specialists and scholarships and benefits granted to students. Graduates and parents asked questions, for which they received full answers. At the end, the teachers and management of the schools were thanked for such work and noted the importance of such events in choosing a university. Graduates, parents announced their intention to study at our university and thanked the rector for informing.
         The staff of Abai KazNPU expressed gratitude for the warm welcome to the head of the regional department of education Yerzhan M. Burkhanov Myrzahanli and heads of the department for education of each district.
             The main goal of education aimed at the world educational space is not only the development of knowledge, but also the acquisition of skills and abilities and the preparation of a comprehensively developed, independent, inquisitive, healthy personality. Therefore, every day, the requirements to schoolchildren are growing, because they are the future of our country.







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