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5th seminar of doctoral students

         On 18 April, 2017 at the Department of Russian Language and Literature held a regular scientific seminar of doctoral students. Before the professors and doctoral students of the department 2nd year course PhD doctoral student of the specialty 6D011800 - "Russian language and literature" Yevgenia Arziyeva presented the report "Theory of possible worlds in the study of the literary text of literature of the postmodern direction".
         Speech of the doctoral candidate caused a lively conversation on one of the most urgent topics in modern society about the spread of the so-called "virtual reality" along with "true reality". Reflections on this topic were accompanied by ambiguous opinions, which led to an active discussion of the report. The doctorate was asked questions concerning the problems of the dissertation research, which were answered in detail and correctly.
      In the final part Yevgenia Arziyeva invited the audience to take part in the questionnaire (part of the scientific experiment), which undoubtedly will be reflected in the methodical section of the scientific research.
         Such forms of scientific communication between young scientists and mentors make it possible to acquire new knowledge, and also provide invaluable assistance in further research work of doctoral students.



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