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Mythorestoration in folklore !

         On 8 April, 2017 Open lesson was held by the senior lecturer of the Russian language and literature department, candidate of philological sciences Sholpan T. Adibayeva. Interactive seminar, which was conducted to the 1st year course students as part of the discipline "Russian folklore", was devoted to the theme of mythrestoration in folklore, literature and advertising.
        Training was based on the latest teaching technologies: the method of value orientation, the use of information and computer technology, the method of mythology, the method of experience exchange, the method of brainstorming, the method of consulting, the method of reflection. Students enthusiastically used visual aids and handouts. Creative atmosphere, interest in the topic and the opportunity to express oneself - this is what attracts students to such activities.


                                 Open lesson                                                                       Interactive task 


                Students answered on qestions                                                                     After open lesson


Lesson plan  
Presentation of lesson  


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