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Students  are guests  of the orphanage

             On 24 March 24, 2017, the 1st year  course students of the Russian Language and Literature Department   together with the cadets of the Academy of  Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan  performed a theatrical performance in the Almaty Children`s Home No. 1. The program consisted of staging a puppet play "Teremok", a creative master class and musical numbers. The curators of the action were the Major of the Academy of BGS NSC RK Olga Yu.  Zaginayko and the  lecturer of Abai  KazNPU  Sholpan T.  Adibayeva.Russian folk tale "Teremok" was sounded in this day in two languages - Russian and Kazakh. And from 24 to 30March   in the framework of  studding  of the subject "Russian folklore", to freshmen students who visited the orphanage were asked to write  essay on the theme "Wisdom of folk tales".  

          Like so, 1st year  course student  Yenlik Nurzhakyp,  commented   this fairy tale and  visiting the orphanage:

           "The  general  meaning of the fairy tale" Teremok "is that completely different animals (mouse, frog,  fox, wolf, bear) can live together. The house  is symbolizes unity, friendship, love, respect for each other. Children came to the orphanage from different families and   by various reasons. But still they are friendly, they want to help each other, like  in  the  fairy tale. Most of all I remember the moment when the puppet bear crushed the house, and the  children   didn`t in panic  and enthusiastically  to build a new house where everyone would live together again! The fairy tale hints at the children that they should all live in the  "House" in agreement. With the help of this tale children can to understand the meaning of the words "kindness", "friendship", "home", and that everyone should have their own place in the house, and that a good deal  will never be left without a reward ".

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