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Information about the vocational guidance work, conducted within the framework of the exit methodological seminar " Relevant  issues of teaching Russian language and literature in school"  on  March 2017 in Saryagash, South-Kazakhstan region

               Vocational guidance work at the present time  occupies an important place in the activities of the school and university, so it links the education system to the economic system of the country, the needs of  learners  with  their future.

Therefore, vocational  guidance work should be conducted regularly, in a systematic way, only in this case it will be possible to talk about its effectiveness. So, in the framework on  March in this year.  On base of  S. Ismailov Middle School of General Education №5  Saryagash of the South Kazakhstan region of the exit methodological seminar " Relevant  issues of teaching Russian language and literature in the school" was also carried out a rich career guidance work by the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the Chair of Methods of Teaching Philological Disciplines G.A. Kazhigaliуeva, as well as a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the same chair Z.A.Umirzakova. 

        Members of the Chair of methodology of teaching of philological disciplines acquainted the graduates of the school №5 named after. S. Ismailov, students of the 11th grades with the first university of Kazakhstan - Abai KazNPU  with its structure, with institutes , specialties, which are prepared at the faculties of the university, with features of the organization of research, cultural and leisure activities of students in the university. The students asked questions of interest to them concerning the topic of admission to Abai KazNPU. During the conversation, the graduates received various materials in the form of booklets, information sheets, journals, etc., telling about  Abai KazNPU , about the conditions of admission to a given institution, etc. Many students of the 11th grade showed a interest in the topic of the conversation, and some expressed a specific desire to enter the pedagogical university by registering with the vocational counselors.

            Similar vocational guidance work was also conducted at the Municipal public institution Main secondary school  No. 9 named after Mailykozha, MPI MSS № 68 named after. T. Ospanov, MPI MSS No. 39  named after T. Aibergenov, MPI SG No. 1  named after  M. Auezov, MPI MSS No.108 "Kurkeles" of Saryagash district of the South-Kazakhstan region.

           In addition, professor G.A. Kazhigaliyeva, associate professor Z.A. Umirzakova, lecturing and master classes before the participants of the outreach methodical seminar.

           A great help in the organization of  vocational  guidance work was provided by the senior  lecturer R.K.  Tokhtamova, who is  responsible for the vocational guidance  for  the Chair t of methods of teaching philological disciplines.


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