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Scientific meeting at the chair

On 18 March , 2017 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature held a regular seminar of PhD doctoral students. A report on the theme "Elements of Mythopoetics in Kazakh Prose" was given by Yelmira Zhanysbekova, doctoral student of the specialty "Philology" (scientififc adviser  - Doctor of Philological Sciences, Prof. L.V. Safronova). The doctorate systematized her research in the field of figurative and motivational series of modern neo-mythological prose, revealing the most characteristic elements of her poetics: images-archetypes, totemism, eschatological motives, rituality, etc., defining their genesis, semantics and artistic functions.
The report was listened with great interest, as this topic touches on the most relevant aspects of Kazakhstan culture, connected with the identification of national identity, the function of preserving and transforming traditions, influencing the world`s literary context on Kazakhstan`s prose, etc.
In the discussion of the report took part  head of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature, doctor of philological sciences, prof. S.D. Abisheva, doctor of pedagogical sciences, prof. M.R. Kondubayeva, Doctor of philological sciences, prof. L.V. Safronova, candidate of philological sciences, assoc.proff. Z.N. Polyak, as well as PhD doctoral students of the Chair:M. Aimagambetova, G. Kuatova, G. Amangeldiyeva.

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