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On 23 February 2017 year doctor of philological sciences, professor of  the General Linguistics Chair  M. Atabayeva organized lecture   of  doctor of philological sciencse, professor of  Suleyman Demirel University Zauresh   Ahmetzhanova  on theme:  "Axiological linguistic problems."

Lecture was opened by the Director of the Institute B.Abdіgaziuly and shared his thoughts about the innovations in science. Attended lectures academic staff of the Institute  1 year course undergraduates of the specialty 6M020500-Philology, 6D020500-Philology, 6D021300-linguistics, 6M021200-Turkish Studies, 2 yaer course doctoral students of the  specialty 6D020500-Philology, 6D021300- Linguistics, 6M021200- Turkish Studies.


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