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Doctoral students at the scientififc  seminar

On 21 February 21, 2017, at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature took place the scientific seminar of doctoral students. Before professors and doctoral students of the Chair acted 3 year course PhD doctoral student of the specialty 6D011800 - «Russian language and literature" Gulzira Kuatova, she presented a report entitled "Representation futural semantics in literary texts of the postmodern epoch".
After report followed a discussion of this theme. Doctoral students were asked questions relating to the problems of the dissertation research, on which have been received are detailed answers. The discussion marked items requiring deepening, as well as ways to further scientific research.
At the end of the seminar all present was noted the positive role of this form of scientific communication, which provides an opportunity to share scientific knowledge that will undoubtedly affect of research work of doctoral students.



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