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On 21 December , 2016 Institute of Philology and multilingual education celebrated 2017 New Year`s Party at the restaurant "Astoria" in Almaty City. The organizers of this event was the chair of methods of teaching of philological sciences, headed by Head of the Chair doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Rozalinda Shakhanova. The chair invited to the event Kazakhstan pop stars, university students, spent the New Year competitions, quizzes, presented the institute staff greeting cards and commemorative books. So, on New Year`s Party were performed 1st year course students of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of the specialty "Musical education" B. Mynbayev , Y. Abai, the students of the chair of methods of teaching of philological sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rymkesh Zhumadilova, Kazakhstan pop stars Bekish Kudaibergenov, Azhar Seytenova.
New Year`s Party was attended by scientists from Poland, Belarus, Russia A.Ndyay, Z.Z.Sidorovich, U.M.Bakhtikereeva.
Presenters of New Year`s Party were PhD doctors Zhaydar Belossarova, Aida Nurbayeva, as well as candidate of philological sciences, Assoc. proff. of the Chair of methodology of teaching philological disciplines Saltanat Aybergenova . Presenters congratulated the academic staff of the Institute with their achievements and awards. In the performance of S.T. Aybergenova sounded beautiful song of our guests.
New Year`s Party opened by correspondent member NAS RK, doctor of philological sciences, Professor Fauziya Orazbayeva and doctor of philological sciences , professor Temirkhan Tebegenov, who congratulated the New Year and expressed their wishes.
At the party with congratulatory remarks were made by the management of the Institute, namely the deputy director of Academic Affairs , candidate of philological sciences G.M. Kenzhebayeva , deputy director for educational work G.B. Nuptekeeva, dispatcher A.B. Zhaparova.
Also , at the Party was Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Teachers circle dances, sang songs, took part in competitions and games , prepared verses for Father Frost.
Each Chairs of the Institute made a New Year`s greetings and performances.
Teachers of the Chair of the Kazakh language and literature was given the blessing of the newly created families of our staff and congratulated with this important day in their lives.
Vivid performances of musicians, charismatic presenters communication, New Year contests, prizes, quizzes, dances, poems, songs will remain in our memories for a long time!
Happy New Year!!! Take from our Chair sincerest congratulations wishes of health, happiness, good, achievement and success in personal and professional activities !!!

Staff of the Chair of methodology of teaching philological disciplines.

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