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On the way to the teaching activity

On 16 January , 2017 at 11.00 in 425 aud. took place installation conference on teaching practice for students of 3-4 years courses of specialties "5B011700-Kazakh language and literature", "5B012100-Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction" of the Institute of Philology and multilingual education. Is holding a conference chair of methods of teaching of philological sciences, led the entire course manager supervised practice candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer Borash R.B.
Conference had scientific and methodical character. At the conference were invited methodologists, teachers, school teachers of Almaty city.
Conducted during the conference debate on the theme: "The role of pedagogical practice in the professional development of future teachers", "The ability to speak beautifully - the main condition professionals philology", "Teaching tact and ethics - an integral part of the skill", "Student`s face - the mirror of the University" , "Literature and language - the origins of the people of our roots, our spiritual wealth" had a theoretical, cognitive, educational orientation and were useful for future teachers in their future practice.
The conference was accompanied by songs, expressive reading.
We hope that students acquire the skills of pedagogical activity and educational work in the school.

Конференция сопровождалась песнями, выразительным чтением.

Надеемся, что студенты приобретут навыки педагогической деятельности и воспитательной работы в школе. 

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