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Peadgogical  Practices - 2017

On 16 January, 2017 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature held installation conference on  pedagogical practice for students 3 and 4  year course  bachelor degree students.
Head of supervised practice professor Sh.T. Kozhakeeva, Head of the  Chair S.D. Abisheva and teachers-methodologists acquainted the students with the goals and objectives of teaching practice, given the necessary advice and a list of reporting documentation.
Work at the school as a teacher-trainee - it is an important and crucial stage of teacher education. Students of the 4th year after his first practice feel more confident. Third-anxiety: how best to prepare for the lesson, whether I listen to students, if I can do with the program of practice? These questions, of course, care about students. But they know that a number of them are teachers-methodologists and school teachers who are always ready to help and support.
We wish the future teachers of fruitful work, good relationships with children, creative discoveries and optimism!


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