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From 02.12 to 12.22.2016 Professor  of  Leiden   University  Henk  Franken conducted a training  course  «Blended learning» for  multilingual groups, master and doctoral  students of Abai  Kazakh National Pedagogical University. This course was organized by the chair of professionally-oriented languages (head of the chair  Doctor of  Philological Sciences, Professor Abuov Zhumagali ) which is a part of  the Philology and Multilingual Education    Institute.


The theme of lectures were as the following:

Ø  Blended learning   Introduction 1

Ø  Blended learning   Introduction 2

Ø  Making an «Educational Selfie»

Ø  Internet tools for learning English 1

Ø  Internet tools for learning English  2

Ø  Explanation of  TRACK model

Ø  TRACK training game

Ø  Design and teach mini-lessons by students

Ø  TRACK model and TRACK game

Ø  Design and test of  Blended learning   Lessons 1

Ø  Design and test of  Blended learning Lessons  2

Ø  Blended learning methods to be used in CLIL

Ø  Practical of  Blended learning and CLIL educational methods

Ø  Assessment in Blended learning

Ø  Curriculum Development in CLIL and Blended learning

Ø  Evaluation methods in Blended learning-education

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