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April 28 at the Sport Hall of Abai KazNPU  took place competitions in volleyball among students, dedicated to 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan`s independence. Although a pre-intermediate control, in a match attended by the team of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Institute of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology and the Institute of Philology. The teams were composed of 4 boys and 2 girls, and only in the team of the Institute of Philology were 3 boys and 3 girls. Despite this, we were able to show their abilities. Team special initial military training Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports took the 1st place, the team is a specialty of Physical Education and Sports Institute of the Arts, Culture and Sport 2nd place and 3rd place Institute of Philology.

We hope that the team that defended the honor of our institution and has gained prestige among physical culture and sports teachers noticed and rewarded. The participants are grateful to the organizers and judges of this sporting event Lecturer, Chair of Physical Culture  Nurakyn Erubayev,  Master of pedgogical sciences  Erik Tugelbayev .

We hope that these events will find in the future to continue and will take place in urban scale.

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