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Our Nauryz

On 14 April, 2016 at the stadium "Spartak" took place the holiday- Nauryz , which was organized by the Institute of Philology.
During the opening celebration of the Holiday , Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, A.T. Kulsariyeva handed veterans of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature M.R. Kondubayeva and L.K. Zhanalina honorary award - badge "Uzdіk ustaz (" The best teacher")".
Chair of Russian Language and Literature is well prepared for the holiday. Dastarkhan full, which is not only here! The focus, of course, Nauryz kozhe. Guests tasted and national meat dishes - kazi, zhaya, karta, and fish delicacies, and irimshik and baursak ... delicious drinks- kymyz, shubat. And on the hot - delicious beshbarmak!
In honor of the concert was a success and celebration. Our students made remarkable performances as Kazakh national ceremony "Blessing of a long journey," participated in the competition models in traditional costumes. Chair received a prize for the nomination "Implementation of the national dance and song" .
In this warm sunny day, students and teachers met with  fun holiday of spring renewal!

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